Heron 9 Angler Kayak Review

by frank on October 10, 2013

Review of the Good and Bad

The Heron 9 Angler Kayak is manufactured by the Old Town Canoe and kayak company. This company is located somewhere in the state of Maine, USA and has been around building both kayaks and canoes since 1898.

Over 100 years in business!!! You can only think they must have satisfied many customers along the way to still be in business after 100 years. And the truth is Old Town is a very well respected company with an outstanding reputation for building high quality products.

And many customers who have purchased the Heron 9 Fishing Kayak model are very satisfied with their decision to buy.

Heron 9 Angler kayak review

Heron 9 Angler kayak

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Is this the best kayak on the market? Nope. But for under $500 the is very high quality. However, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to consider before you actually buy it. We would like to point out what you need to consider in this short review.

If you are interested in learn about the specifications and dimensions of this kayak you can find a list towards the bottom of the page.

Bad about the Heron 9 Angler Kayak?

Not necessarily bad but there are two main things you want to consider. Storage space and Sit-inside.

  • No built-in storage compartments 

Most fishing kayaks will have storage compartments such as a bow hatch or a hatch in the rear. This one doesn’t have either. But technically since you can easily store whatever you need inside the cavity you will sit in. It just doesn’t have a designated area specifically made for storage.

Keep in mind this is a simple fishing kayak. And when you consider there are kayaks that have sale prices of over $2000 and up the Heron 9 is considered not very expensive.

  • This is a sit-inside kayak

If you plan on fishing rough and colder then a sit-inside fishing kayak is probably not going to be a smart choice. This is because the cold water is going to splash inside and there is really no easy way to get it out while your fishing. There are tiny little motor pumps you can buy or you could bring along a couple thick sponges.

The video below show the Heron 9 recreational kayak not the fishing version. But the hulls are exactly the same and should give you an idea about the space and seating.

If you are a person who will be fishing in rough colder water then you definitely want to look into buying a sit-on-top kayak.

Good features of the Heron 9 Angler Reviewed

This is a good beginners kayak and perfect for the weekend warrior. 

  • Durable Polyethylene hull.
  • Lightweight weighing only 39 lbs. Easy to load, unload and carry to your fishing spot.
  • Its both fast and tracks and maneuvers well in the water.
  • Width 28.5 inches

The kayak is only 9 and a half feet long but there’s plenty of leg room for even a person over 6 foot tall. The cockpit dimensions are 19″ x 39.5″. Also included is the Comfort Flex Seat that contours to the shape of the body and provides hours of comfort.

The the Glide Foot Brace system that can be easily adjust to match your leg length.

  • Cup holder
  • Two fishing rod holders
  • Anchor Trolley System

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