Grips and Gloves For Kayak Paddles

by frank on April 5, 2014

The Cushiest Kayak Gloves and Grips Available 

No matter what type of kayaking (recreational, touring, fishing) if you have done enough paddling then you probably have experienced at least some minor discomfort in your hands. This discomfort could include a range of different possibilities: Coldness, mild to severe stiffness, to the development of blisters and calluses.

These discomforts can end up limiting even the best kayakers ability to paddle, decreasing their performance on the water.  Sometimes, becoming so severe forcing time off from the sport.

There are inexpensive solutions.

Depending on your needs there are two main solutions to the discomforts mentioned above. If you are new to the sport then pay close attention to understand which solution is best for you.  The two main solutions are:

  • Kayak Paddle Pads
  • Specialized Gloves

The Pads are slipped onto the paddle, providing cushion support for your hands. While kayak gloves do provide supply a certain amount cushioning, the main use of gloves is to keep the hands and wrists warm. Having cold wrists and hands will reduce your paddling ability.

Below we will give you examples of the highest rated products in each of these categories.

What are the Best Choices

If you are seeking for extreme comfort then you will want to consider a pair of kayak paddle pads. There are a few different choices on the market but from our experience and the opinions we have heard from many others the best and also one of the cheapest on the market are the Cascade Creek Yakgrips Comfort Kayak Paddle Grips

Kayak Paddle Grips

Yakgrips For Paddles $10.95

A pair of these cost only a little more than $10.There is a bunch of different colors to choose from (blue, green, yellow, red, black).

They are rated very high for preventing blisters, calluses and reducing hand fatigue.

One thing people wonder is if you need to buy two. The answer is you only need to buy one. Two Yakgrips come with each purchase.

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Best Gloves To Keep Hands Warm 

NRS Maverick Paddling Gloves

NRS Maverick Gloves

The follow video shows the popular NRS Maverick kayaking gloves. These are made from 2 mm thick neoprene, the patented Hydrocuff and LiquidSeam features work together to keep your hands dry and warm.

Many users have also raved at the dexterity these gloves allow. The price of these gloves is around $50.

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Another great advantage of these Maverick gloves is the outside surface is designed to shed water, which does wonders helping to reduce the cooling effect produced when water evaporates.

Another Style For Your Hands

If you viewed the video above or discerned it from the image of the Marevick NRS above, you can see these are closed finger gloves. There’s also the open-finger style, this style provides more dexterity in the fingers but less warmth.
One of our favorites of this style is the Warmers Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Gloves.
Best Half Finger Paddling Gloves
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If you need more information on the best kayaks available visit our homepage where you will find links to reviews on both the best kayaks available and accessories

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