Green Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak

by frank on November 30, 2014

Does the color of  a kayak matter when it comes to fishing? Does the (green) Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-Top fishing kayak below which comes in both 10 foot and 12 foot models give it an advantage in attracting fish over other brightly colored models?

We think the price for the 10 foot version of this model is excellent at right around $300.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak Olive Green

Both 10 and 12 foot models available

Find the best price on both sizes and read customer reviews

If you ask enough people for their opinions on whether or not “the color” is a factor you will probably get an array of different answers:

  • Some people saying a brightly colored kayak will startle and scaring fish them away.
  • Others might say the opposite, that brightly colored boats actually attract fish. Fishing lures are specifically made to attract fish and lures are usually a combination of bright shiny colors, right?
  • Others might say dark muted colors like the green Sun Dolphin Journey model are the best for attracting fish.

Now for the real answer on what fish see

Fish don’t see as many colors as humans. Fish have evolved to recognize colors of their preys and predators to allow an appropriate respond. A good lure should mimic the color of a specific prey for a specific type of fish.

Why the color of a fishing kayak has little effect

When it comes to structures sitting on top of the water (boats, kayaks, docks) the color of these probably play an insignificant role on how fish respond. It’s much more likely fish respond to shadows created by kayaks rather than the actual color.

And guess what? The shadow created by the (green) Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-Top fishing kayak will be the same color as a shadow created by red, yellow, or orange model. No matter what the color the model is, dark shadows are produced.

But what should to consider

When it comes to safety out on the water color can matter. If you are fishing on a very busy lake or surf then you might want to consider a more brightly colored kayak so you are highly visible to boats in the area. From our experience “yellow” stands out the most followed by orange and red.

But if you do prefer the looks of a darker colored kayak like the green Sun Dolphin Journey fishing kayak you can always wear a brightly colored shirt out on the water to make sure you stand out to boaters in the area. If you are mainly fishing on small ponds and lakes with little boat traffic then having something bright is even less important.

All in all, you should choose the color you want if you find a great deal on a kayak. If you find a style and price you like you shouldn’t let color play much of a role in not buying it.

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