Good pick for 6 ft tall people? Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 ft

by frank on June 30, 2015

We received a question asking whether or not the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 ft sit-inside kayak was a good choice for a big person 6 foot tall or taller.

You don’t have to take are advice but if you are also curious whether or not this 10 foot kayak is a good fit for a person 6 feet or taller are answer is NO!

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 not good for tall peopleYou may like the price of this model (under $400) and you might like all the positive reviews this recreational kayak has received but this will not be a comfortable fit for a taller person.

You probably will be able to fit inside but inside the cockpit will not provide much space for you if your legs are longer. Another thing bigger people need to consider about this model, the carrying capacity of the of the Aruba 10 is only 250 pounds.

Cheap or Inexpensive alternatives

Since you are already interested in the Aruba 10 we have to believe on of the reasons is this models inexpensive price so we want to give you a list of kayaks that will both fit your longer legs but still have an attractive price.

If you like the Aruba 10, in case you didn’t know, this model also comes in the 12 foot size. It’s a model which has also receive positive reviews. However, this larger model is about $200 more expensive than it’s smaller sibling.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 ft

Same model just 2 feet longer

See below #1 Pick for the price. If you are looking for an expensive recreational kayak with plenty of leg room for taller people then you should consider looking into the Sun Dolphin 12 ft Bali (seen below with the woman paddler).

KL Industries Sun Dolphin 12 ft Bali SS Kayak

Stable and easy paddling for recreation

Compared to 10 foot models, 12 foot models of the same quality will always be a bit more expensive. Here’s one priced at $480, the Sun Dolphin journey SS 12 foot.

It has received similar positive reviews and ratings as the Aruba.

Sun Dolphin Journey SS 12 ft for long legs

Not too much more expensive, under $500

Technically, the Journey 12 ft model is a fishing kayak, notice the swivel rod holder in the center, in front of the seat. But this can easily double as a recreational kayak.

The Kayak by L.L. Bean is real nice. Great seat, plenty of leg space and water-proof cargo storage in the rear. How much do you want to spend, the price tag is just under $700.

Kayak with leg room

L.L.Bean Manatee Deluxe 12′ Solo Kayak

There are many different recreational kayak to choose from. If you are a larger (taller, heavier person) make sure you go with a kayak that fits you. We definitely do not recommend a smaller 10 ft kayak like the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 for bigger people.

If you look around you will probably be able to find an inexpensive 12 foot model that will satisfy you. Above we only gave examples of what might be good for you.

If you are still interested in the Aruba 10 and have more questions, see our answer page.


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