Glide Sport Angler Kayak

by frank on January 21, 2014

Should You Buy It Or NOT: A Review Of The Glide Sport Angler Kayak

Built in the USA by the company Emotion Kayak one of the main advantages this sit-inside kayak provides is being lightweight at 37 pounds.

In the area we live, in the backwoods there are many ponds or small lakes to explore and fish in this setting it’s much more convenient to carry a kayak from pond to pond than it is to load it back on to our vehicle.

The lightweight also provides the angler great control and maneuverability in the water.

Note: If you are new to kayak fishing. MAKE SURE you are aware the Glide Sport Angler Kayak is a sit-inside model as opposed to a sit-on-top. If you plan to fish in rough colder water be aware your sit-inside will take on some water in the cockpit. Most people would choose a sit-on-top kayak for fishing in rough and cold waters.

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What Color Do You Want

As far as we know this model comes in two different colors: Granite and Sandstone. Below is an image of the granite color.

 Emotion Glide Angler Kayak review

See all you really need to know about the Glide Sport Angler Kayak in this video review:

What Else About the Glide Sport Angler

What about the price? It’s affordable with a price just coming in over $400. See new reduced price of this model:

  • The Hull is durable Roto-Molded from Polyethylene with an UV protective coating.
  • The Hull may not have all the latest gadgets and gizmos but what we will say is it is built for performance the speed, tracking and maneuverability are rated excellent.
  • Is the seating area comfortable? The seat included is a quality, padded and adjustable and folds down.
  • The Rod Holders? Yes there are two flush mounted rod holders on the left and right side.
  • Sturdy adjustable foot braces that allow you to dig in when you got that big fish hooked.
  • Bungee Rigging on the stern and bow for your fishing gear.

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The Glide Sport Angler Kayak is a 9 foot 8 inch sit inside fishing kayak that can carry a load of 275 pounds and weighs only 37 pounds. There’s definitely quality and value built into its hull, especially considering this model is priced just over $400.

What we like the most about the model is its lightweight and maneuverability in the water. If you are fishing warm waters and need a kayak you can easily carry some distance then this one is worth considering.

If you are still unsure what kayak is right for you visit our homepage where we have reviews of the newest kayaks on the market.


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