Freedom Hawk PathFinder Review

by frank on July 6, 2013

What’s new in stand-up fishing kayaks?

If you prefer stand-up fishing then you may want to consider buying a kayak that is specifically designed for this. One of these is the 2013 Freedom Hawk Pathfinder. This model offers a new patented outrigging system, which provides great stability when. If you’re curious this kayak is made in the state of Wisconsin, USA.

Adjustable Customized Performance of the Freedom Hawk Pathfinder

The outrigging system mentioned above is adjustable into three different positions. Allowing you to customize the performance to best suit your needs. The three different positions are as follows:

Position #1 – This is the streamline position and should use when paddling. The outriggers are folded so they are in line with the hull of the kayak.
Position #2 – Maximum stability. The outriggers are extended to the maximum angle away from the hull. This is the position you will want to use when standing.
Position #3 – Extend but at less of an angle provides a mixture of stability and speed. The best position to use when a trolling motor is attached.

Another feature of the two outriggers is they can also be used for dry storage and are detachable.

The patented outrigging system provides great stability for stand-up fishing but the Freedom Hawk Pathfinder also provides great comfortable for fishing from the seated position.  There’s also a post in the rear that allows you to attach a trolling motor.

But don’t worry if you have know trolling motor, if you need to paddle to your destination this Kayak is also made for long paddle trips.  The design of V shaped hull and the flare of the upswept bow will allow you to cut through the waves with ease and also provides great tracking.

The Freedom Hawk Pathfinder is great for virtually all water conditions that you may encounter.

Watch the video below to see the patented outrigging system in action.

Why stand-up fishing on a kayak

If you have never fished this way from a kayak then you may wonder why you would even want to? For one, standing does add to the excite but being able to stand can also improve your fishing success.

Just so you know there are many different stand-up fishing kayaks on the market to choose from. Some are very good and some not so good. Some are just called stand-ups for marketing purposes but are not specifically designed for the standing.

For example, if your fly fishing or jig fishing, compared to sitting in a kayak, having the ability to stand improve the action you will be able to add to these lures. And the Freedom Hawk Pathfinder provides such a stable platform to perform this action.

The Freedom Hawk Pathfinder is definitely a true stand-up fishing kayak and the outrigging system makes it truly unique. Another great feature is you can actually add a trolling motor to the back.

Freedom Hawk PathFinder Review

We found this video that does a great job reviewing this kayak on its own. You can watch the video if interested and below it we will give our thoughts and list some of the features that may not have been entirely covered in the video.


Freedom Hawk Pathfinder Features and Specifications
Length of Hull: 10 feet 4 inches
Outrigger length: 4 feet 2 inches
Overall length: 14 feet 2 inches
This kayak is 31 inches wide
Weight: 79 pounds
With the outrigging system detached the kayak weighs 61 pounds
Carries up to 450 lbs.


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