Fishing Kayaks for Big Men

by frank on November 29, 2013

How much do you weigh and how tall are you?

You’re a big guy looking to buy a fishing kayak for the upcoming bass season. And finally, after a much exhaustive search comparing prices and features you found it you found the ultimate fishing platform to hit the water in!!!

Introducing, “The Bass Slayer 2000″, I made that name up. It has everything you want, from the sleek hull to the spinning rod holder to the most comfortable seat in the industry and a huge amount of storage room for all your supplies. And it comes in your favorite color, a shade of camo.

You want it! No, you need it!!!

As you begin reading down the list of specifications you quickly realize a problem. The carrying capacity is only 225 pounds! And you weigh well over 250 pounds! Oh, the guilt sets in as you realize you shouldn’t have ate that extra serving of pie last night!!!

Big Men – Fishing Kayak Match


How much do you weight, how long are your legs? How big you are can narrow down the selection of fishing kayaks that will work for you. It’s very important to make sure you are buying a fishing kayak that will not only support your weight but also provide you with enough room inside.

If you are facing the problem of finding a fishing kayak that will fit your body then take a look below, we have put together a list of different kayaks that are good fits for bigger men.

The great thing is many manufacturers have listened to the pleads from larger men and have began to produce kayaks that can bear heavier loads. Below you will find a list for goes 250 lbs and up.We have listed the carrying capacity in pounds and leg room in inches below each of our examples. Some of these kayaks we may have also linked to its own individual review.

List of Fishing Kayaks for Big Men

1. The Ocean Kayak Trident 11

Fishing Kayak for large men

The Trident 11 carries a big load

Read reviews and rating from current owners

The specification on the Ocean Kayak Trident read that it can carry 350-400 pounds. Not sure the reason for the range between 350 and 400 but either way this kayak can carry a lot of pounds. This is a sit-on-top kayak that’s 11 feet long and from the image above you can see the enormous amount of leg space it provides.

2. Lifetime Sport 

Two Person Fishing Kayak

Two Person Fishing Kayak

The Life Time Sport Angler Kayak is a sit-on-top made for two people but can also be use by one. It has a huge 500 lb carrying capacity perfect for really big men. It’s 10 feet in length and as you can see from the image there’s plenty of leg room. It’s priced under $500 and provides a lot of value. Another great thing about this one is the stability allows you to stand up and fish. Read our review.

Over 50 people have rated this model read their reviews

3. Riots Escape Kayak

Big Fishing Kayak

Great for Longer Legs

Riots Escape kayak is a sit-on-top that’s a whopping 12 foot long. This is what they are talking about when they say a big man’s kayak. Read our full review of this beast.

4. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler (12 foot and 14 foot)


Best fishing kayak for big men

One of the Best Fishing Kayaks

The Hobie Pro Angler Series is a sit-on-top kayak manufactured for both performance and comfort. It comes in a 12-foot and 14 foot versions. The 12 footer can carry up to 500 pounds while the 14 footer can carry an enormous 600 pound load. These are two of the very best rated fishing kayaks on the market today.

Read review from owners

As we gather more information and new models come to market we will be adding more reviews on fishing kayaks for big men. Return to our homepage to find more of your favorites.

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