Find a Kayak Carrier to Fit Your Car or SUV

by frank on September 29, 2014

Know for sure before you Buy

What always must be confusing and time consuming for people wanting to buy a kayak carrier for their car or SUV is knowing whether the specific carrier their are looking at online will fit the roof of their make and model.


It’s confusing since the vast majority of time the product description doesn’t even give a list the of vehicles the carrier is made to fit onto. So what do you do? Just buy it hoping it fits? That doesn’t sound like a good deal at all!

Of course if you look hard enough you can find just about any information online but this can end up being time consuming.

Solution – A tool we found on Amazon

One Sunday night we were searching though the kayaks for sale on Amazon when we came across a listing for a car kayak carrier that which we accidentally clicked on. We looked at the page for a second and noticed at the top was a tool asking use to input information on the make, model and year of our car in order to check if the carrier would fit.

Here is a picture of the tool to help you find if it fits.  We have never seen this before on an Amazon page.

Use the tool, see if it fits your vehicle

Kayak Attachment check fit

Next time I need to buy a kayak carrier for the roof of my car I will definitely look for a tool like this to use. It’s very convenient just enter the Year, Make, Model of your car or SUV in the drop down boxes as seen in the image above and then click the “Check Fit” button and it will tell you if the carrier fits your specific vehicle or not.

The name of the Product

I couldn’t figure out the brand name, in the Amazon listing it’s label as, 08L09-TA1-100 Kayak Attachment. It has received fairly high ratings and positive words written by owners in their reviews. The majority of the ratings are either 5 or 4-stars. There are no major complaints on it.

Pretty much any product you buy will have pros and cons but see below the ratings are better than most. Read the comments owners have left

Roof Top Kayak Carrier

Below is an image of all the parts that come with your purchase. I guess the biggest problem you will face after buying is actually actually getting off your butt and installing it. But from what we read from owners, the installation directions are easy to follow.

Kayak Attachment for Auto

Maybe you will or maybe you will not find this tool useful. We have had problems in the past with buying kayak carriers which don’t end up fitting or car so we think its useful to help solve the headaches that come when trying to find the right fit.

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