Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak Review

by frank on January 24, 2015

Is the Emotion Renegade XT Angler a good fishing kayak? In the following review learn the various reasons why this might be the right model for you to take out in the water. We don’t blame you if you’re too tired to read our list of top reasons why this is a good kayak to own listed below.

To tell you the truth we only wrote the list because our boss forced us to do it!!! This short video does a very good job reviewing the details of this Yak. It’s not doubt more enjoyable than reading what we have to say!!! What we will say is the Renagade XT is great for beginners and bigger anglers. It’s wide and stable, you can stand-up and fish from it and it’s also affordable at $499.

Enjoy this video it give you a good idea of what you will get if you decide to buy.

Emotion Renegade XT Kayaks cheap

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Are you a big guy? The Renegade XT is able to carry loads of up to 325 pounds. This isn’t the highest load capacity you will find but it’s above the capacity of many on the market. Especially, at the price point ($499).

There are kayaks built for fishing that can carry 400-500 pounds. But when looking at these models you will notice as carrying capacity (lbs.) increases, so does the price ($$$) you pay.

Short on Storage Space: This is another good thing about the Renegade XT.  This is a 10 foot fishing kayak with the ability to carry a 325 lbs. load. If you are a big guy, another thing you will notice when looking for that can handle your size is most of the super-heavy duty models (e.g. by Hobie or Ocean Kayaks) are all 12 feet or longer. Being only 10 feet long this makes the Renegade XT more convenient when considering storage space.

How much does it weigh: This is another advantage, it weighs only 47 pounds. Looking around at other kayaks made to carry a big load you will see some of these models weight over 100 pounds. Which would you rather load and unload and then carry to your down to the lake, a kayak which weighs under 50 pounds or one that weighs over 100 pounds? The answer is obvious.

Width and Stability: At 36 inches, this is one of the widest kayaks on the market. If you are a beginner this kayak provides tremendous stability. An added bonus about the stability the width provides is the Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak can be used for stand-up fishing.

Price: For a fishing kayak with all the above qualities the price is affordable. We look around the web and found this this kayak being sold on more than a few different websites. The best price we found was $499 at Amazon and also at Cabelas.

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