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by frank on October 4, 2013

Amazing how much gear the Eddyline Fathom kayak carries and still hauls ASS!!!

This high performance kayak was the creation of the company’s founder, Tom Derrer.

Eddyline Fathom Kayak review

Fathom Kayak

Mission: With his over 40 years of paddling and kayak design experience Tom challenged himself to create a fun kayak that offered the highest level of performance. He also wanted his creation to serve as responsive tool for beginners to learn with but also versatile enough to thrill experienced paddler.

His goals: Fast, nimble, versatile and responsive. And of course beautiful!!!

From reading the customer reviews available online the satisfaction level of the Eddyline Fathom Kayak seems very high. So it’s safe Tom did accomplish his both his mission and goals. If you own this kayak and have something to say go to our contact page and leave us a note and we will add your review to this page.

Below we talk about the make of the hull, how the kayak handles, the seating and its performance in different water conditions. But before you move on to that we thought you might want to view the video which displays a 3D rendition on the step it takes to manufacture the Eddyline Fathom Kayak. This video might be very useful if you are a current owner and looking for troubleshooting ideas.


Fathom Kayak Review

A very distinctive look and shape with a superb finish.

Due to its hard glossy finish many paddlers have mistaken this for a fiberglass kayak. But the hull is actually made from a material called Carbonite 2000 a combination of ABS plastics and acrylic. This material isn’t quite as stiff as fiberglass but its super lightweight. This 16 feet and 6 inch kayak amazingly weighs only 50 lbs. Many people could load and unload and carry it with just a single hand.

Another excellent feature is the carrying space. This is a three hatch design in the front, back and middle near the seat. Each hatch also has a lanyard attached.

The seating: Thick padded seat with high back support and adjustable thigh pads and foot braces. The fathom has a fairly high cockpit which gives the feeling of sitting in a boat. This characteristic greatly enhances the paddlers ability to control and maneuver and the amount of edge control is very impressive.

You may have to take the kayak out a few times, especially if you are a beginner, to become completely accustom to the higher seating position compared to most other kayaks. But once you develop a familiarity you will find keeping the Fathom in a straight line is easy and it also tracks very good. If you need extra help in your control there’s also a skeg. Near your left thigh there is a slider box that allows you to control the positioning of this skeg.

Eddyline Fathom Kayak handling waves

The tracking and maneuverability is excellent in calm waters but how does it handle in rougher waters?

This was made for choppy waters. When out paddling in these water conditions the Fathom is going to rise up on the waves and allow you to accelerate. This is a great sea kayak offers a lot of fun.

In very steep waves the one thing you will notice is the bow will become slightly emerged which can lead for a very wet ride but has very little impact on it performance.

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