Digital hanging fish scales – Don’t pay 3 times as much

by frank on August 25, 2015

digital fishing scale for sale

Mango Spot – 40 kg capacity

Digital hanging fish scales, these are pretty cheap items most costing $10 or less. But how handy they are when needed. And besides weighing fish, many different uses for these scales exist. We see these used on the farm to weigh feed, we see these used in the kitchen.

We see campers, hikers, mountain bike riders using these to weigh their gear. We even know a scientist, who uses one in his lab to measure force measurement on magnets. In business or leisure, if you have a need to weigh something, a digital hanging fish scale can provide a lot of utility for many different tasks.

They are also an excellent choice if you need to weigh things in a plastic bag. Things that are hard to attach directly to the scale.

These are fairly simple easy to use items. don’t let their low price tag fool you, they are affordable items, so you may think they are cheaply built but there are well built quality, accurate scales. Just a note: we recommend buying a digital electronic hanging fish scale over a manual they are far more accurate.

A few top choices

We feel a bit silly making a list of top digital fishing scales, there are many that do a satisfactory job. But here’s the one’s that we have heard the least complaints about.

digital fishing scale for sale

Mango Spot – 40 kg capacity

Number #1 choice - If you’re looking for a simple to use inexpensive scale (Price: $7.99the one named the Mango Spot LCD display scale is a safe buy.

It has a stainless steel hook, a nice big strap handle to hold and a digital LCD screen read out.

The Mango Spot scale has a 40 kg capacity and makes for a very versatile portable scale. There are many reviews of people talking about other things they use it for other than weighing fish.

Uses including weighing odds and ends, kitchen uses, weighing deer meat, weighing hiking gear and pertaining to other outdoor activities.

Other scale choices

Electronic hanging fishing scale

Etekcity LCD Display Electronic scale

The EtekCITY scale to the left is almost identical to the Mango Spot scale listed above. The both have the stainless steel hook to hang from and both have LCD screen read-outs.

The main difference between the Mango Spot and this EtekCity:

This EtekCitgy scale has bit a higher weighing capacity, 50 kg compared to 40 kg of the Mango scale.

However, the Mango Spot scale is a bit more accurate.

There are dozens of different choices, however, we feel the two digital hanging fish scales listed on this page are the best bang for your buck. They are both under $10. Both are reliable and easy to use.

Feel free to look at all the different choices available. But be forewarned, you will see some costing 2-3 times the price as these listed here. We have seen and used these more expensive models and do not feel they provide anything extra, neither higher quality, more durable or functional. Weighing a fish or whatever else is not rocket science.

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