Dick’s Sporting Goods Do They Have The Best Fishing Kayak Prices?

by frank on December 5, 2013

So Johnny, Where Do You Plan On Buying Your Fishing Kayak? Oh, Dick’s Sporting Goods???

Who is this for? Anyone interested in finding the best kayak prices online. Especially if you are currently deciding on whether or not to buy a kayak from Dick’s Sporting Goods (vs Amazon). We will be doing a little price comparing.

Please allow me to preface this by saying, I have a friend who never looks for the best price before he buys anything. When he wants something, he ends up making his purchase at the very first place he looks and finds it. It doesn’t matter if he’s buying online or at a local store. It doesn’t matter how expensive the item is. This sort of behavior is understandable when shopping at “brick-and-mortar” stores, who wants the headache of driving across town to maybe save $25 or get 10% off? But when shopping online it’s so easy to compare prices.

I can imagine you’re thinking, “Get to the point, you are boring me.” My point is, the friend I spoke of above, one day, he was about to buy a fishing kayak. He called me on the phone to ask my opinion about the model he was about to buy, he told me where he was buying it and the price.

He did have excellent taste in kayaks but after searching online for the same model, I found it for over $100 less than he was about to pay for it.

So below I just want to compare the prices of different kayaks found at Dick’s to the same models found at Amazon.

Dick’s Sporting Goods vs Amazon Fishing Kayak Prices

Dick’s has a wide variety of different kayak styles: sit-on-tops, sit-in, inflatables, fishing, snap together. We will take a look at a few of the models to compare prices with Amazon. And always remember to notice the shipping cost before you make your final decision.

1. Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable

This very popular model is Sold at Dick’s for $649.99 plus shipping. At Amazon $599.99 saving you $50.

Dick's Sport Goods Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable

Read all the Features of the StraitEdge Kayak


2. Pelican Premium Strike 100X Angler Kayak

Buy this one for $599.99 at Dick’s or pay $549.99 at Amazon. The same kayak for less.

Pelican Strike 100X Angler price

Amazon has the best price again save $50


3. Pelican Castaway 116 Khaki

At Dick’s this one will cost you $599.99. Save $110 at Amazon ($489.99).

Pelican Kayaks at Dicks sporting goods price

Amazon offers up the Best Price Again!!!


 4. Perception Sport Pescador 12

Amazon buyers rate the Perception Sport Pescador very high but they could have saved $40 if they bought this fishing kayak at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $549.99 compared to $589.99 at Amazon.

Perception Sport Pescador 12

Dick’s Finally Wins One!!!

So what is the verdict who won? What we learning here is if you want to buy a Pelican or Advanced Elements brand of fishing kayak then its likely you will save a few bucks shopping at Amazon rather than Dick’s. However,  Dick’s offers a lower price on the Perception Sport Pescador 12 and other Perception Sport’s kayaks that were not included in this comparison.

Always remember the prices can change and that you always should always consider the cost of shipping trying to find the best deals online.

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