Dagger Kayaks 10.5 Axis Kayak Reviews

by frank on June 24, 2014

We have read more than one of the many reviews online describing and rating Dagger Kayaks 10.5 Kayak. We both agree and disagree with some of the information given about this models in the various reviews we have read.


Looking For A Crossover or Hybrid?

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Since, we have sat in the padded foam seat and paddled the 10.5 Axis we wanted to give you our opinion based on our own personal experience with this model.

In case you were wondering about size: We are 6 feet 1 inch tall, weigh 215 pounds and fit comfortably in the cockpit. You may want to bear in mind this kayak has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds.

Dagger Kayaks 10.5 Axis Kayak review

Available in Four Colors: Lava as seen here. Also, Red, Blue, Yellow.

#1 Performance: We give this model an B+/A rating as far as overall performance goes.

It demands a high rating due to it’s offers a enormous versatility, as far as the different water conditions it will preform well in. The performance is outstanding in calm lake waters. If you want a kayak for traveling big hairy rapids it’s also designed for these conditions. This is a hybrid, recreational/white water kayak.

It’s also good for some light ocean surf.

This is a highly functional boat which is fairly easy to use even if you are a beginner. It tracks well in all water conditions and also has a drop down skeg which will help you paddle and avoid weathercock effects in windy conditions or strong and unusual currents.

#2 Lets talk about the price. The Dagger 10.5 Axis Kayak can be categorized as recreational kayak.  But this is a mistake we have read on many other reviews. Yes, it can serve very well as a recreational kayak a person would take out for some light paddling and relaxing in the sun on a calm lake with friends.

My mom does this relaxation thing in the summertime at the lake in her Sun Dolphin Aruba.

I wouldn’t recommend the Dagger Kayaks 10.5 Axis Kayak to a mom like mine. For the reason it’s a couple hundred dollars more expensive than here Aruba 10.

I Would Recommend it to A Person 

Who is this best suited for? It’s best for someone who wants versatility. As we said, the price on this model (around $700) this is a little more expensive than the typical decent quality recreational kayak which would run between $400 to $500

But if you want added versatility (lakes, rivers, bays, surf) this would be an option you would want to consider.

Features and Dimensions

Here’s  what we think are the most important if you are thinking of buying:

  • Available in 4 colors: Lava, Red, Lime Blue. All look sharp!
  • This might be somewhat obvious but the length of the Dagger Kayaks 10.5 Kayak is 10 and a half feet. Very agile and controllable in the water, even for beginners. There an length-wise integrated beam which provides added stiffness to the hull and really helps when turning this kayak 
  • This hybrid kayak is light weight, weighing under 50 pounds.
  • There’s plenty of leg room  in the cockpit even for a taller person over 6 feet tall.
  • The cockpit is wide and roomy making it easier for larger paddlers to get in and out.
  • Built from Rotomolded polyethylene, “the standard in the industry” which the best kayaks today are constructed from. This material is not only highly durable but also has revolutionized kayak and canoe paddling by improving overall performance in the water.
  • The bow deck (front) includes an easily accessible mesh pocket, good for carrying small accessories.
  • In the rear you will find a bungee directly behind the seat and also a waterproof storage compartment which comes in handy for items you need to take on a day trip.
  • “True” Track Skeg System great for preventing weathercocking in strong winds and currents.

If you are still undecided about the right kayak for you visit our homepage where you will find links to hundreds of different reviews.

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