Compliants and Rating the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

by frank on June 9, 2014

Kids Kayak Lake and Ocean

Good for the Lake and Ocean Waves

You’ve had your eye on a few different kayak models for your kid? But if you know nothing about kayaks yourself how do you know if you’re buying something of value or just another piece of junk?

We have reviewed so many different models with the purpose of pointing the consumer to the best possible model to fit their specific needs.

We have reviewed the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle it comes in Orange and Lime-Green colors. We wanted to try something a little different here, we want to focus on any complaints we have heard about this specific model.

Complaints – A Tad Embarrassing

Wow! After we sat down to write this, we were thinking, no product is perfect it shouldn’t be hard to find at least a couple complaints to mention…

We looked on various sites that rate kayaks which allow customers to express their experiences, thoughts and opinions about the product they bought.

There were not too many negative things said about this Lifetime model for kids. There was one lady who bought this for who grandson and left a review:

“Her grandson had great fun using it but when she tried to pull it out of the water it was so heavy. She said there was a crack in it and it filled up with water.” –  Since we weren’t there, it’s hard to say how this crack occurred. 

The image below sums up pretty much we found everywhere about the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle:

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle  6  Feet

Almost the Perfect Kayak for Kids

From the image above, you see this kids kayak model has received some pretty decent ratings from past customers.

We Wanted to Tell You More Bad Things

OK this Lifetime model for kids is built for people weighing under 130 pounds. And this kayak is only 6 feet long. Since everyone who works for our website is well over 130 pounds we never got a chance to test this model out.

We do believe your son or daughter will have great fun while using the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak don’t take our word for it go read all the positive reviews left about it.

This is a good beginners kayak for small children under 130 pounds and under 6-feet tall. It costs only a little above $100 so it’s not a huge investment when considering the price, it should last for quite a few years until your son or daughter outgrows it.

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