Complaints – Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 sit-in Fishing Kayak

by frank on May 28, 2014

Before you buy the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 sit-in Fishing Kayak or any other kayak for that matter, it’s best to know if any major complaints exist on the product you are interested in.

Sun Dolphin 10 foot fishing kayak review

How Does This Model Rate

It’s always great to read all types of positive praise about a product you are about to buy. But these positive reviews can sometimes be very misleading.

So before you do take the leap we want to provide you with any major problems and maybe answer a few of the most common questions asked about this Sun Dolphin

its just as if not even more important to know any negative experiences past customers have had.

Any Negative Reviews Online

No product is perfect, there always will be someone complaining about something. Here’s whatever negatives we have learned about Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 sit-in Fishing Kayak.

Decide for yourself if these are something major you need to worry about before you buy.

Any complaints from Amazon buyers? The ratings look pretty good but what did that person who gave it a 1-star rating have to say?

un Dolphin angler 10 compliants

Looking at the image above. There were four main points the person who gave this kayak a one star review made:

  • The body was thin
  • The seat wasn’t up to par
  • The storage space was too small
  • And thirdly, the kayak came with no paddle.

At least on Amazon, in the kayak description it never mentions the paddle is included. But it does tell the exact dimensions of the storage area.

As far as the material the body is made of, being thin and the seat not being up to par… If it was not up to this person’s standards, then the person has the right to complain.

We will say this to defend this model against the compliant, from the number of 5-star reviews the this Sun Dolphin model has received it’s not a piece of crap. Rather, this is a low-end kayak, priced around $400 a person needs to realize what the quality they are buying with the amount of money they are spending.


To date we have not found any complaints on other major sites that sell this kayak. When buying please keep in mind the shipping costs when realizing the total cost. For our full review of the Sun Dolphin 10 Angler.

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