Complaints – Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 ft sit-inside Kayak

by frank on June 14, 2014

If you’re curious about maybe buying the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 ft sit-inside kayak (wow that’s a long name) we previously did write a review describing its features, dimensions, specs, price and so on.

However, we thought you may also find it useful to know if there are any major complaints before buying this model.

This page will cover what current owners have said.

First Take A Look At Overall Opinions

Looking over the image below which shows how customers rate this kayak, it’s surprising not to see a single 1-star rating. But still there must be some complaints we can inform you on…  We will take a look at what the people who gave it a 2-star rating below.

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Is There Anything Bad To Say?

We must say looking at the ratings above, on our site we have also received more than a few very positive comments about the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 ft recreational Kayak. This is currently one of the most popular kayaks you buy for under $400.

Is There Anything Bad You Should Know

Let’s review the complaints given by the 2-star people…

#1 Compliant - This person say they bought this kayak for their father who is over 6 foot in height and he feels uncomfortable in the kayak.

Solution: We don’t recommend buying a 10 foot sit-inside kayak for a taller person, 6 feet tall or taller. They will not feel comfortable sitting inside. If you are buying a kayak for a person with longer legs you will want to consider 12-foot models.

It’s as simply as that. The person with the compliant didn’t do they homework. It’s not the kayaks fault.

#2 Compliant - This one made us laugh. We just thought it was funny the way the person wrote their complaint, Read it for a laugh

On the serious side, this person bought the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 ft sit-inside kayak as a Christmas present for someone. When the person opened the gift, the kayak was in the box but there was no paddle.

Of course we were not present, as the “present” was opened but we do know the paddle comes shoved under the seat out of sight. We wonder if they ever found the paddle or if it was miss-shipped.

If you have ever worked in a shipping department then you know mistakes do happen from time to time. Not making excuses for a paddle not being included but we are sure this probably is a very infrequent occurrence.

And it says nothing about the quality of the kayak.


Both complaints spoken of above, in our opinion are questionable and shouldn’t influence your decision to buy this model as neither truly is a compliant about quality.

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