Comparing Old Town Predator Kayaks

by frank on October 6, 2013

Old Town Predator 13 vs The Predator MX 

If you’re an angler interested and just about to buy the Old Town Predator 13 this is an awesome fishing platform to have at your disposal. But in case you weren’t aware we want to let you know Old Town Canoe and Kayak recently added (July 2013) a new model to their Predator line of fishing kayaks.

Old Town Predator 13 vs MX review

Predator 13 Fishing Kayak

This newer model is the Predator MX. These two models are very similar in design, features and specifications but differences do exist.  The goal of this page is not to review each model in full but rather to cite some of the main differences. *See Note Below They both have the same exact hull design so don’t let the top picture which is much nicer looking and a close up view influence you all that much. The Hull design is called Tri-Hull and is extremely stable both these models are great for stand-up fishing.

See the Best Price Online for the Predator 13

*Note A recent comment left on our site corrected us when we claimed the 13 and MX have the same exact Hull design. The truth is the Predator 13 has a more pronounce keel. If you don’t know what a keel is, it’s the longitudinal structure that runs along the center of the kayak. You can see it very well in the image of the 13 above (that big fin looking thing in front).

The larger, more extended downward the keel is will increase stability.

Predator MX Kayak review

Predator MX Kayak

If interest, at the bottom of the page you will find links to individual full reviews for each model and also a link to our main page that lists all the different Old Town Kayaks that we have reviews.

Predator 13 vs The Predator MX

The MX model is 12 foot in length and 34 inches wide and weighs 82 pounds, while the Predator 13 is roughly a foot longer at 13 feet and 2 inches but a half inch less in width at 33.5 inches and is a little heavier at 86 pounds.

Note: Even though the 13 is over a foot longer both have the same exact leg room once inside (4 feet of leg room).

While they are both kayaks that can handle heavy loads there is a difference in the load capacity. The MX can carry loads of up to 400 lbs. The Predator 13 can carry around 25 extra pounds and has a load capacity of 425 lbs.

Storage space: Located in front of both models is a large Bow Hatch. These hatches have the same design however the Hatch on the Predator 13 is a little larger 16.5″ x 1 4.5″ the hatch on the MX model has dimensions of 14″ x 7.5″. Located in the rear of both is

How important is price to you? Searching online for the best prices we found the Predator MX was consistently priced right around $100 less than the Predator 13. We found the cheapest place online to buy each of these models was Amazon.

Features Predator 13 vs MX

For the most part all the features are the same. But the Predator 13 does have two additional features that are not included on the MX model which are probably the main reason for the price difference.

  • Humminbird Transducer Scupper
  • Center Console with Mod Pod Cover

And if you are an angler how might want to customize your kayak there are different options that you can add such as out rigging, a steady stand bar, mounting plates, trolling motor specifically designed for these kayaks. All the available options are the same for both of these kayaks.

More Information on Old Town Kayaks

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Phil January 30, 2014 at 5:14 pm

The HULLS are not exactly the same as stated in this article. The 13 has a much more pronounced keel than the MX. That is because the MX is for different water types. The MX is for “mixed water” and the 13 is for larger water.


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