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by frank on February 23, 2015

When I think of cheap kayaks for sale, I think of the two recreational kayaks that sit on the shore at my parents lake every summer. My parents aren’t avid paddlers so they weren’t wanting spend a load of money when they bought these a few years back. They bought the Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in Kayak, they paid about $400.

Is $400 dollars more than what you wanted to spend? We have a list of a few examples of the best kayaks at different price ranges:

If you didn’t find what you were looking for on the pages linked above then we also want o give you a few ideas of places on that have cheap kayaks for sale. The first place is probably obvious and you may have already been there, Amazon.

Other places, that you are also probably familiar with, that you are also you may want to look for special prices and discounts: Dick’s, Cabelas and Bass Pro. We have compared kayak prices at these four places, for the most part we found Amazon to have the lowest prices. However, Amazon doesn’t carry all the different models on the market so it’s worth looking around on other vendor sites.

Two more places for cheap kayaks for sale 

You may have never heard of these two websites below:

Outdoor Play - This store has been around for years and is a trusted vendor. Here you will find camping gear, hunting Equipment, fishing tackle and sporting goods, including a large selection of kayaks. You will find a few brand name kayaks here which you will not find at Amazon.

MooseJaw - Free Shipping · Lifetime Returns · Price Match · 10% Back in Rewards. Excellent shopping experience – Google Trusted Stores. Here you will also find a few brands of kayaks that will not find at Amazon and other stores.

Inflatable and recreational kayaks

There are different styles of kayaks designed for a different use. We might be wrong, but when we think of someone searching for cheap kayaks for sale, we first think of the recreational style. As these are generally the least expensive to buy. There’s also fishing and touring kayaks but as a general rule these types are more expensive. Then inflatable kayaks which are the least expensive to buy. And all these come in the sit-inside and sit-on-top designs.

The cheapest type of kayak you can buy is of the recreational inflatable variety. While, we prefer hardshell, inflatables do provide certain conveniences such as: low cost, storage advantages and being portable.

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