Jackson Big Tuna 14 Kayak

by frank on January 23, 2014

The Cutting Edge In 2014 Fishing Kayaks

It’s always interesting to hear what everyone starts talking about when we enter the new year. So far in 2014, one of the most talked about fishing kayak models is the Jackson Big Tuna 14 and all this talk is with good reason.

Sorry, about the crappy picture, we didn’t want to steal one from the Jackson Kayak site so we had to make due with this smaller image. If oyu follow along we will review all the new features included on this Big Tuna 14 model.  And if you are already wondering how much it costs the current the sales price on this one is right around $1700. 

Jackson Big Tuna 14 Kayak review

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There’s A Lot of New to Talk About

Jackson is well known for producing high-quality products and also for innovation but we think they have out done themselves with this 2014 model and we have no doubt other companies are going to be trying to catch up with the utility and performance offered

Even the most avid anglers have never seen before much less even thought of.

  • If you took a good look at the image above you will notice this is actually a tandem kayak. But the hull is also designed to perform for a single paddler equally as well.

We all have experience or rod tips getting caught on brush when paddling through tight spots.

  • A very simple but cool feature of the Big Tuna Kayak 14 is at the bow there’s pockets that allow you to slip your rod heads into, keeping them safe and out of the way of all obstructions they could get hung up on and possibly break.

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This is a feature you have never seen. Jackson calls it their Tuna Tank or Live bait well.

  • It’s located on the left-side right in front of the rear seat (where you will be sitting if you take it out as a single). It can be used as an additional storage area but you can also drill a couple of holes in the pan to keep oxygen flowing and use it as a bait pan.
  • Customize You Fishing Kayak throughout the  Jackson Big Tuna 14 are mounts that allow you to conveniently and easily attach whatever you want. From a fish finder to even a Go-Pro Camera. 

Plan on doing some fishing in the river current?

  • Fishing in the river current can present many difficulties. How do you stay on top of the fish once you find a good location?  This one has your answer, a drag chain…  The on built into this model is very clean and was specifically designed to run straight down to it doesn’t get caught up on any of your other gear.

Can you stand-up and fish?

Yes, the Big Tuna 14 Kayak is extremely stable and is made for anglers who want to stand up. The deck is fairly clean also which makes for a great platform for fly fisherman.


Awesome for 2014!!! It’s definitely a drop in the bucket at $1700 but if you were already planning on spending this amount this is definitely one to add to your list of consideration.

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