BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak Review

by frank on July 28, 2013

Buy Online Under $800

Buy Online Under $800

Every so often we receive emails asking for advice on which fishing kayak is best at a certain price range or asking us to review a specific kayak.

The other day we received an email from a guy in Northern Minnesota who explained he was about to buy his first ever fishing kayak and was interested in the BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak.

Find a list of the features and specification towards the bottom of the page.

But before buying this model he wondered if we could review it for him and highlight the positives and negatives of this model.  He also wondered if we might give him a few other suggestions on what to buy.

His two main requirements were:  The ability to seat two people and priced under $1000. Find these other suggestions at the end of the page.

What’s Good about the BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak

According to the needs of man who sent the email the Trinidad model does fit his most basic needs. It’s built to sit two people and can be purchased for under $1000. If interested you should be able to find the BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak online for under $800.

See The Best Price

From the image seen on the left this model is very sharp looking… But how much should “looks” matter when buying an expensive kayak? When making a buying decision it’s best not to put too much weight on cosmetics.

Instead, put more weight on how well it functions when in the water fishing.

How well does this kayak function in the water? 

Do want versatility? The Trinidad can be used for just about everything. It can be used to fish dams, bays, smooth and whitewater rivers. And with loads of storage space and carrying capacity, this is also a great model for traveling with down a river when camping on the shores.

Stability in the water – You might not want to try standing on your head but the BIC Trinidad is stable. This is a fairly wide kayak, measuring over 33 inches wide and has a very high stability rating.

BIC Trinidad Fishing Kayak review

BIC Two man sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Being a two-person kayak it can be a pain for one person to try and paddle this. But this model was designed to allow the attachment of a trolling motor on the rear. Very handy in case a person wants to go out on the water alone.

Any Negatives about the BIC Bilbao Fishing Kayak?

We want to provide the best possible information to allow you to make the best possible decision before spending your money. So we also try to provide points to consider as possible negatives. Or point out why this kayak might not be a good match to satisfy your needs.  But you should also remember, very few, if any products are absolutely perfect.

Here’s a few things you may want to consider:

How often do you plan on going out fishing in this kayak with a second person? If you can answer, “very often”, then this point probably isn’t a big concern for you. But if you plan on using this kayak alone, remember this is a two-man fishing kayak so it may not be the easiest thing to paddle alone. But it is designed to allow the attachment of a trolling motor at the rear which is very helpful when going it alone.

 Are are a beginner paddler? If you’re not experienced paddling a kayak this wouldn’t be a good fit for you.


Trinidad Fishing Kayak

Two Man Fishing Kayak

  • Built-in footrests that don’t break
  • Built-in Safety – lines you can grab if tipping over
  • Cushioned EVA seating
  • Add-on, insertable back rests
  • Drink holder
  • Abrasion protector on the hull
  • Tough and durable carry handles
  • Mooring straps
  • Two quality rod holders
  • Watertight front and rear hatches
  • Four scuppers for easy draining


  • Length: 11 feet, 9 inches
  • Width: 2 feet 9 inches wide
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Carrying Capacity: 440 pounds

The Bottom Line –  Bic Trinidad Fishing Kayak

This isn’t one of the most talked about fishing kayaks but the quality is right up there with similarly priced models from other companies. It’s stable and will handle well if you have experience with paddling. There’s a lot of storage space and the carrying capacity is adequate for most any fishing or camping trip. The fact that it allows a trolling motor to be attached to the rear end is a plus in case a person wants to go out alone .

Where to find the best price

If your local store carries this fishing kayak model you could buy it there but why would you?

If you have already decided that this is definitely the kayak model you want, you could save your wallet by buying the kayak online at a site that offers free shipping. Not only will most local stores mark-up the recommended sale price but the time you spend going to the store, the gas money and taxes you pay will end up costing you much more $$$ for what you could have bought online.

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