Best Kayaks Under $400

by frank on March 13, 2014

Below you will find a list of the different kayaks that can be purchased for under $400. Whether you are looking for a specific type: recreational, fishing, touring or a beginners kayak. Or maybe you are looking for specific style: sit-inside or sit-on-top.

Or maybe you are looking for a specific brand? Find models from Sun Dolphin, Pelican, Sea Eagle, Advanced Elements, Riot Kayaks and others listed on this page.

Below you will find a complete list of what we consider the best for under $400 in all these different categories. If they are very close in price, for example $430, we have also included these choices.

We have already researched and reviewed hundreds of different kayaks on our site.  We do feel very confident in offering you the following recommendations.

Examples of Kayaks – $400 Price Range

The Sun Dolphin Excursion is a 10 foot long sit-inside built for fishing. It has received many great rating from past users and costs right around $400.

Sun dolphin 10

Light Weight For Fishing

You can read our review on the Sun Dolphin or visit here to read how other people rate this model.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

 This is a two person inflatable kayak, the puncture resistant hull is made out of extra thick K-80 polykrylar. It’s very portable weighing only 26 pounds but at the same time very sturdy being able to carry a 500 lbs load.

The Sea Eagle 330 model has received many high ratings from users. Visit here to read these reviews and all the different questions asked and answered about this inflatable model. The Price is right around $250.

inflatable kayak under 400

I-beam construction, and high-frequency welded seams

 Read our review of the Sea Eagle 330

Old Town Kayak – Vapor 10 Recreational

At the time of we listed this Old Town recreational model was given a 5-star rating by 27 out of 35 customers at Amazon. This is a slick looking kayaks that was made for Lakes and Ponds and calmer rivers.

It does provide very good tracking in the above mentioned water environments. If you are wanting something for raging river rapids the Vapor 10 recreational is not made for this sort of environment.

Goof for Lakes, Ponds and Slow moving Rivers

Lakes, Ponds and Slow Moving Rivers

Riot Kayaks Escape 9 Sit-On-Top 

Priced at just over $350 this is a great recreational choice for small people. It’s a sit-on-top with a lot of play. It’s very agile and also durable and for being only 9 feet in length probably on of the faster kayaks of this length. See it here and learn more about it’s features.

Agile and Durable. Lots of Fun!

Agile and Durable. Lots of Fun!


AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak

The company Advanced Elements are the manufactures of this kayaks. The AdvancedFrame Sport is an inflatable made for any type of water. It has quick acceleration making it very fun for playing around with on shorter trips but has a low top end speed which might not make it the best choice for longer trips. It’s priced just under $400.

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Kayak

Very Comfortable Inside and the Price is Right!


As we discover more great deals in this price range we will be adding more kayak models to this page. If you didn’t find what you were looking for here you can also visit our home page to see reviews on all the available models.

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