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by frank on September 16, 2015

A Review of the Best Ice Fishing Cameras

If you have never used one and are only now becoming curious about of the advantages an underwater camera for ice fishing can provide… A lot!

Maybe, you have used a regular old fish finder that runs on sonar? The wave bounces back, registering there’s a big monster below. But with sonar, there’s no real way of being absolute 100% certain if it’s a fish or just a big log or rock.

With an underwater camera in your repertoire… This allows your eyes to peer deep underneath the surface to confirm 100% a big monster awaits.

We don’t know your methods but when we fish Lake Michigan in the winter, we don’t sit and wait at one hole, hoping for fish to swim by, we drilling dozens. And the best way to know which hole is active is buy using an underwater camera to confirm it. These can be used in conjunction with fish finders to better interpret the sonar signal or they are extremely useful solo.

Top Ice Fishing Camera Picks

There’s a good number of different cameras at a wide range of prices. The most expensive are over $1000. There’s also a few decent choices selling for under $200. The majority of the models are priced somewhere in between.

underwater fishing camera

Get the Fish

The different companies producing these are not household names so there’s a good chance you will not recognize the company names. More importantly, you might end up buying an off-brand with low quality.

If you are completely serious about using one of these then you should look at the different models a company name Vexilar produces.

The image at the right shows FSDV20DT Fish Scout Double Vision with DTDThis is the top model produced at this company and sells for just over $1000.

This is an excellent model to own. It’s great for ice fishing but can be used year-round. See our review of the model.

As we mentioned above

If you are serious about adding a quality camera to your ice fishing accessories then you need to check out the models made by Vexilar. The one shown in the image above is over $1000 but the company also produces less expensive options.

  • The Vexilar FLX-28 Ice ProPack (Price: $657) – *Best value
  • The Vexilar UP1212D 12-Degree Ice-Ducer (Price: $469) – See our Review
  • The Vexilar FLX-12 Ice ProPack (Price: $419) – Is it worth the money?

Another good company

Marcum is another company you probably never heard of.  This is another company you will want to look into if you are serious about buying a quality product.

In our opinion, Vexilar cameras are the best overall but the Marcum product line shouldn’t be ignored. They offer quality models, many are priced a bit lower.

  • Marcum VS825 8 inch screen (Price: $729)
  • Marcum VS625 6 inch screen (Price $550)
  • Marcum underwater viewing system LCD Color 7 inch screen (Price: $450)

Best lowest price ice fishing camera
underwater fishing camer under 200If you are looking for the absolute cheapest buy. We are not going to tell you this model is excellent but if you are looking to spend less than $200 there is a generic model you might want to consider.

We have not personally used this model ourselves but it gets a lot of positive reviews from verified customers.The screen is a 7 inch diagonal and the resolution is 960×480. The resolution might be better than your TV at home.


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