Best Headlamp for Fishing and Hunting

by frank on August 5, 2015

LED Headlight for hunting and fishing

Brightest LED : Provides over 100 meters of visibility  

If you’re looking for a headlamp for fishing or hunting - There are many different models from many different companies to choose from.

Top Inexpensive Brands: The following brands sell for around $25. Vitchelo, BrightSpark, Ultra Bright LED, Juligo and more. These are the best, highest quality but inexpensive brands to buy.

inexpensive headlamp for fishing

Vitchelo Lamps

Higher end more expensive headlamp brands are made by: Bosavi Rechargeable LED and Atlas USB LED.

In the inexpensive price range we believe the best are the LED lamps made by the Vitchelo company. These are easily the most popular and highest rated.

The ratings to the right show over 900 people have given this model an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

lights to wear on your head for fishing

Brightest & Best Headlamp Flashlight with Red LED Light for Running, Camping, Reading, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Jogging

Priced at: $24.97

Vitchelo lights come with a lifetime warranty, 60-day- no questions asked - money back guarantee.

Best headlights for outdoors

Adustability fitting: Provides a variety of Options & Angles

See the best price and read what owners have to say

What you get:

The first time we saw this being used was during a kayak night fishing expedition and a buddy was wearing these on his head. Throughout the night we couldn’t help but to compared these to what we were using. The Vitchelo’s were noticeably brighter.

My friend is a hockey player and hunter, he originally bought his Vitchelo headlamps  for running  at night on dark country roads and the woods during the deer hunting season but they also worked great for kayak fishing at night.

  • Specifically, the model we have pictured above is the Real Vitchelo V800 allows sight for a distance of over 100 meters.
  • Two separate lights, red and white. Each with their own button control.
  • Waterproof tested
  • Runs on three AAA batteries. Three AAA duracell batteries are included with purchase. Provides over 100 hours of lighting.
  • Great for fishing and hunting. Also made for reading, jogging at night or dusk, camping, biking, walking the dog, auto repair, etc. Any activity you might need lighting and your hands free.
  • Lifetime warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.


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