Best Fly Reels Under 100

by frank on June 1, 2014

You can spend well over $500 for one of those top of the line, intricately machine and designed fly fishing reels but if you don’t happen to have that type of money sitting around there’s no reason you should think you can’t buy a decent model that will last you for many years to come.

Below we are going to show you a few examples of what models we believe are the best fly reels under $100, read along, we will let you know why we think these are the tops in quality vs having an inexpensive price tag.

The Best For The Money Are Below

We have our opinions on what’s the top fly reels for under $100 are, however, we also think it’s very important to consider what other anglers have to say in online reviews:

1. Okuma SLV  5 6 Diecast Aluminum

This highly rated reel has a large arbor design which offers the angler the ability for extremely fast line retrieval times. It’s manufactured from diecast aluminum making it strong and durable which will last for many years.

You also get precision machined stainless steel shaft and machined brass bushings. We like the Okuma SLV model and from the reviews, the vast majority of anglers have also been very pleased with their purchase. It comes in 11 different spool sizes all costing under $100.

inexpensive fly reel

Available in 11 Spool Sizes all Under 100

Our only compliant about the Okuma SLV  5 6 Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel is not actually about the reel itself but rather the explanation of the 11 different spool specifications. If you are not very knowledge in this area it can make choosing which spool is right for you somewhat difficult.

However, we did find a list of customer questions and answers at Amazon to be helpful in narrowing down the choices. Reviewed.

2. Redington Drift Fly Reel

A simple reel with a traditional drag system. Might not be the perfect choice for everyone but it definitely proves you with value if you like traditional drag. Great for playing with the fish on your line.

This lightweight and durable spool design has been called the best value for the money by many fly anglers. It made in two different colors, black and aluminum and 3 different reel and spool sizes. Depending on the size the price does vary between $70 – $99.

If you have any questions about which size is right for your fishing situation you will find some useful answers here.

Drift Fly Reels under 100

Great Quality and Value For The Money! Hard to Beat it!!!

This Redington drift model is an aluminum cast and is anodized. Read the Full Review

3. Wright & McGill Super Dragon Fly 

This is defintely a good reel for the money, it’s not $300 good but priced right around $80 – 99 (depending on the size) it will provide a fly angler with some good value and with proper care it should last for many years.

Of course there are both some good and bad things we like and dislike about this inexpensive Wright & McGill model. Read are full take on it here.

Best Fly Reel for under $100

Super Large Arbor Reel

Good reel and inexpensive enough that your wife shouldn’t notice the missing money :)

4. Okuma CS 4 6 Cascade Fly Reel 

If you are looking to buy very cheap you will want to check out this Okuma model. It can be picked up for under $30 at Amazon. It has decent customer ratings (over a 4-star average). Just realize you are buying a cheap model here. Read our full review on the Okuma CS 4 6. 

Cheapest Fly Reel

Can’t Find a Cheap Fly Reel with this Value

Anything Else to Say

Above you have seen what we think our the best fly fishing reels you can buy with 100 dollars or less. We definitely will be adding more models and reviews to our list in the future.

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