Before you Buy a Fishing Kayak Consider the Following

by frank on July 31, 2013

With so many different brands of fishing kayaks on the market and then also different styles to choose from, buying the right kayak can become somewhat confusing, especially if you are new to the sport and buying your first kayak!!!

Which One is Best for Me? 

Understanding what style of kayak you need will depend very much on the environment you will be fishing. So before you go spending $400, $500 or over $1000…

There are two important considerations you will need to take into account above all others before making your purchase.

Fishing Kayaks for Sale

The first is Price. But you probably already thought of how much you are willing to spend. $400, $500, over $1000, or ever over $2000?

So what’s the next most important consideration you need to consider before buying???

Durability, stability, maneuverability, storage space, comfortable seating, color? Nope. There’s one more key feature of a kayak that you must decide on before considering those above.

After Price what’s the second most important feature to consider?

Other than price, what other key feature do you absolutely need to consider first when deciding on which fishing kayak is best for you?

Here’s a hint. You need to ask yourself WHERE and HOW you will be using your fishing kayak… Here’s the answer…

You need to decide whether a sit-on-top or a sit-inside kayak best suits your needs.

The following video does a great job explaining the differences between a sit-on-top and a sit-inside kayak. By the time you finish watching the video you should have a good idea which one is best for you. As you watch the video, remember to ask youself “WHERE and HOW” do you plan on  using your kayak.

Below the video is a list of a few of the key points made in case you missed them in the video:


Sit-on-Top vs Sit-Inside Kayak

Which type of kayak allows you to fish from a variety of different positions? Sit-on-Top

Which will have more storage space? Sit-on-Top

If you happen to flip while out on the water which type of kayak is easy to get back on? Sit-on-Top

If you plan on paddling in rough water? Sit-on-Top

The main advantage of fishing in a sit-inside kayak? If you plan to fish in calmer but colder waters then you will probably want a sit-inside kayak.

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