Adult Fly Fishing Vest from Crystal River

by frank on October 12, 2014

Looking for a new vest to hold a 6 pack of beer while we fish is when we discovered the Crystal River Fly fishing vest from what we read in reviews and ratings left by many anglers this is a winner!!! It’s made from quality, lightweight material which is also fast-drying. Loads of storage pockets and compartments.

A good deal for the price of about $25, give or take a few pennies depending on the size you buy.

It comes in comes in two sizes: Medium($24.59) and X-large (25.59). Well, it does probably come in other sizes but at the time we discovered this vest all the other sizes must have been sold-out.

Luckily the X-large is what we needed, unlucky it does not have a pocket or compartment large enough to hold a 6-pack but it should easily hold whatever gear you need to bring along for fishing.

But it will manage little flask of whisky in one of the larger inside compartments.

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Crystal River Fly Fishing Price

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  • It’s fairly lightweight, the product description doesn’t cite exactly how much the vest weighs but the use of some good old fashion common sense might get us in the ballpark. Since the shipping weight is 1.1 pounds then it’s safe to think the Crystal River Fly Fishing Vest must be under 1 pound. Right?
  • What materials is it made out of? A stylish blend of cotton/polyester!!! OK not so stylish but at least the the polyester will help it dry quick. And the cotton should feel comfortable and provide a little warmth.
  • On the front left side up near the chest area is the Shearling Fly Patch. It’s made of a material that does a great job helping your flies dry out.
  • There’s hook and loop and zipper pouches on the outside and there’s zipper storage compartments on the inside of the vest.

They say it’s not a kid’s vest

Agreed the Crystal River Fly fishing vest is probably not the best fit if you’re looking for something for your kid to go out in.┬áThis is an adult fly fishing vest. But if you can find it in the small size it may work with a youth. The worst thing is having something too small. Having something loose is OK. You can always wear an extra shirt under it to tighten the fit.

If you want to order this vest online but the medium or X-large sizes do not fit your needs, you might want to look around the web for other sizes in stock. We found this on Amazon, surely other sites carry it and might have the size you need.

Read what customers say about this vest on Amazon

It goes for around $25. If you’re about to pay more then your not getting the best deal. In certain situations I could see paying $30 tops. Like if you need a particular size.


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