Who am I and why did I decide to develop a site on the sport of kayak fishing and also reviewing fishing gear?

I’m originally from Michigan, my parents moved my brothers and sisters to a little town located on the coast of North Carolina when I was 14 years old. I have a younger sister and two older brothers.

While living in Michigan, under my father’s close supervision, my brothers and I began fishing and hunting at a very early age. As a family our favorite time to fish was in late September through October. This is when the Salem run in the Manistee river off of Lake Michigan. If you love to fish and are ever in the area in ever you need to fish Tippy Dam.

From September through October, every chance my brothers and I had we would be at Tippy Dam and the surround area in our waders fishing the river for Salem and Steelhead. It didn’t matter the time, it might be 2 AM and more than once we found ourselves in trouble for skipping school to fish.

But everything change when I turned 14

This was when we moved to a small town on the coast of North Carolina. This didn’t sit well with my brothers and I. My eldest brother had just turned 17 and we were plotting to move back to Michigan as soon as he turned 18 and became and adult.

But something magical happened the first summer we were in North Carolina. We discovered kayak fishing!!!

In Michigan, we fished in our waders and this was the most exciting way to fish. Well, we thought so but that all changed the first time we went out on a kayak in the outer banks and experience the thrill of kayak fishing.

After gaining experience in the sport, we bought more than a few kayaks and my brothers and I opened up a kayak fishing guide business. We spent our days renting our kayaks out to anglers, taking the inexperience out and teaching them how to fish from a kayak. We sold fishing gear from our little shop. We had a lot of fun and made a pretty penny at the same time.

So the reason I’m developing a site on kayak fishing and fishing gear is because:

  1. I love the sport
  2. I have the hands on experience to review fishing gear and kayaks.

So I hope you enjoyed my little story. I’m not the best at sharing personal stories. And I hope you visit our homepage and find the information you are looking for.

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