A Pushy Big Guy and The Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7

by frank on December 3, 2013

Google Doesn’t Lie about Kayak Fishing but I will still do Your Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 Review 

Let me preface this by saying, the headline is a joke to the guy who begged me to write this review for him. I met this guy (I think he weighs 300 lbs) during a trip I took to visit a friend in New Mexico. How did I meet him? My friend kept bragging about the size of the trout he catches and because I didn’t believe him, he decided to take me to his favorite kayak fishing spot on the Pecos River.

Since I didn’t bring my kayak, we had to find a place to rent one, that’s where I met one of the pushiest guys in my life. As soon as I walked into his shop he was hell bent on selling me a kayak, even though I repeatedly said I was only interested in renting. And he was really trying to push the Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 on me to buy.

I told him I was happy with the fishing kayak I had at home. Then he found out I was from Florida and began telling me how people in my state know nothing about kayak fishing. So an argument ensued.

Before I begin the Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7  Review

I did end up renting this kayak for the day you can read how I rate it below the image.

But before I begin my review I just want to inform this guy on something since I know he will be visiting this page. The image below is for him to look at. Its from a little tool I use called Google Insights. It allows you to type in any word or phrase and it will show you were in the world the most searches come from. Now my friend in New Mexico can look at the image below and know Florida is the #1 state in the USA that searches for information on “Kayak Fishing”.

4.7 angler Review

States Most Interested in Kayak Fishing


Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 Angler Sit on Top

Long and Fast Sit-On-Top Fishing

Because the guy at the kayak shop was being so pushy trying to sell me his Trident Ultra 4.7, I never let him know that this model was in fact one of the fishing kayaks I was really considering buying. I read many reviews on it but in the end decided on the Hobie Pro Angler 12.

But I’m very glad I had the opportunity to rent it and take it out fishing for the day. I will say this, if you want a very fast fishing kayak, this is without a doubt the fast one I have ever experienced. It’s like 15 or 16 feet long so going in I knew it would be fast. With all that speed, I was expecting it to be very unstable but surprisingly it wasn’t. There was a little rocking when it came up on a wave but not too bad, beginners may want to stay away from this one.  In smooth water it was like a hot knife though butter.

I’m happy with my Hobie and wouldn’t trade it but the Trident 4.7 is definitely a nice and performed excellent. I hope my Hobie Pro Angler is better it cost me about $1000 more than what this one costs.

Some of the other things I liked about this Trident model. When I sat down in the seat it felt like I was sitting on gel that conformed to my body, extremely comfortable. There’s an extended back-end that provides a great amount of storage space. It comes with a rudder and the rudder is anodized so its not going to rust in saltwater.

There’s a lot of other great features I would have put to good use if I was the owner but since I was only out for one day in it I didn’t get the chance to take full advantage of all the features. It has 4 flush mounted rod holders, since I went out on a whim I only had one pole with me that day, but I definitely do like having multiple holder at my disposal.

The Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 is definitely one to consider if you are looking for high performance. See the price that guy I met in New Mexico is selling his for on Amazon.

If you need more information on fishing kayaks visit our homepage to see all the different models we have reviewed.

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