2014 Winter Fishing in Providence, Rhode Island

by frank on December 28, 2013

Get Your Winter Fishing Gear Ready For a Great 2014 Season: Learn the Places to Hit

If you are looking for the best places to fish this winter (2014) around Providence, RI the following information should be helpful in making your fishing successful. But still, I’m sure some people will be complaining when I give the numbers of rainbow trout stocked this season in these nearby lakes and ponds.

I say this because many of us can remember back when the total numbers of stocked were a bit higher and also when the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) stocked other fish like Salmon in the lakes also. As far as I see this year only Rainbow trout will be stocked and the total number is 2000 at five different locations:

If you need directions to any of the fishing spots listed above you can click through the link and you will be taken to Google maps. The location for Wood River was a little harder to put on a map since there are different points you may want to fish.

Rainbow Trout Limits Winter 2014

Beginning December 1st, 2013 and lasting till February 28th, 2014 the daily limit on Rainbow Trout is 2 per day.

Whether you agree with it or not, another thing you want to be aware of while fishing these freshwater ponds and lakes in Rhode Island and any they share with adjacent states is the ban on felt-soled foot gear which went into effect in 2012. I know many of you disagree with this administrative fishing regulation that was developed without public notice. And some of you have the belief that this was only put in place to increase and promote the sales of rubber boots.

Some of you may be completely unaware of this 2012 Freshwater fishing regulation in the state and not understand the impetus behind such an action. Basically it is thought felt-soled foot gear is more prone to carry microbes and the person wearing such gear will transfer these invasive microbes into the freshwater where they do not belong.

It will be interesting to see in the future if this regulation ever is overturned or amended in anyway.

Again 5 places in Providence, RI that are being stocked with Rainbow Trout for the 2014 Fishing Season are:

The links will take you to Google maps where you can get driving directions to each of these spots.

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