Find information, reviews and videos on all types of fishing kayaks below. If you want to buy a specific brand, we have a list of recommended companies directly below.

If you need a kayak with specific attributes and features, for example: One you can stand in easy, for fly fishing, the best for big guys or for a certain price you will find tables throughout this page which list fishing kayaks for sale in many different categories.

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Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak Review

Old Town 10 Feet Vapor saleWhether you’re a beginner or experienced, the Old Town 10xt Vapor is a great choice for all anglers.

Molded from polyethylene, the Old Town vapor is durable, stable and the roomy cockpit provides great comfort while on the water.

With the Old Town Vapor you will definitely stay stealth while sneaking up on those hard to catch fish. Both economical in price and a great kayak for fishing.

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Perception Pescador 12

Perception Sport Pescador 12Have yet to hear a serious compliant about the Perception Pescador 12. Many anglers who have seen or rented this fishing kayak consider it high-end. But does high-end mean high price?

Comparing the price tag of the the Pescador 12 to high-end fishing kayaks there’s a huge difference in price, others are double or even triple the price.

Perfect for a big guy, holds nearly 400 lbs. Also included is the Scotty Baitcaster Rod Holder mount , a perfectly designed paddle rest and plenty of storage room.

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Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak saleA very cool and multiple purpose fishing kayak. This Lifetime Sport fisher Kayak model can also be used as a tandem Kayak. Another cool feature is it actually has a motor mount on the rear end. Whatever you want to do with that is up to you.

However, this is a fairly wide kayak. So if you happen to be under 5-9 you may not find the paddle very easy to use. Other than this one draw back this is a very durable and handsome.

Would say this is the closest to a hybrid between a fishing and touring Kayak.

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Riot Escape 12 Ruddered Kayak

Riot Kayaks Escape 12The kayaks made by the company Riot are becoming more and more popular with anglers. This Riot 12 foot ruddered Kayak is worth checking out. This is a very stealth and offers great mobility on the water.

Some of the features include:  Sit-on-top seat designed for comfort, the company’s trademark Pilot rudder system, molded cup holders. And a amazing number of rod mounts, in total room to mount five rods at once.

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KL Industries Sun Dolphin 10 Kayak

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10This is the simplest kayak on our list. Not a lot of extras included with the Sun Dolphin 10 Kayak but the build is very durable and its very easy to manage in the water.

The pole mount is set up in a convenient place, right centered on the dash board. What we like very much about the Sun Dolphin 10 Fishing Kayak is that its very light weight. The average person should be able to carry it around.

This is the perfect gift for your children or grandchildren.

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